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The most popular games available in our live casinos are Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat however many of them also offer a wide range of slot machines, these are flash powered and whilst they do not require a download of any form of software they are, unlike the live casino card and table games, run via a random number generator for complete piece of mind.

Amazingly there is no need to download any time consuming or bulky software to play any of the live casino games that are on offer, you simply need to register as a real or guest player and then launch the live casino, and in seconds the live video stream will be beamed directly to your computer and you will able able to join in the fun and games.

Planning a night out at a land based casino might seem a simple thing to do, you simply need to arrange to get there then settle down in front of your favourite slot machine or sit at your preferred card or table game, buy some chips and away you go. But with the ever rising costs of travel, parking and food and drink visiting your local gambling house can become and expensive pass time even before you start to wager.

However thanks to the wonders of modern technology, more so the internet you can now play real live gambling games directly from your own home without ever leaving your favourite armchair. This is possible via the brand new live casinos that are appearing online, and these let you view, in real time, via live video links a whole host of casino games which are being broadcast from a real land based casino.

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About Live Casinos

As mentioned above you do not have to immediately start playing for real money at any of our showcased live casinos, each one will let you sample their delights by signing up as a guest player, this will let you see not only what games they are offering but you can also play them completely free of charge, of course any winning won when playing for free are not real, but it will let you get to grips with how the live casino run, operate and play.

All of the live casino games have a chat facility, this, as the name suggests, is a simple feature that allows you to have some banter with the dealers, croupiers and your fellow players, so playing online will no longer be a lonely thing to do, and if you are seeking a bit of company what better way to do just that, however if you cannot stand the dealer or your fellow players you can also turn the chat off and not read their ramblings!

All of the casino games played at our live casinos are played in fully regulated venues, meaning you are always going to be getting a completely fair and honest game, and as all the casinos are owned and operated by some of the leading names in gambling you are assured of getting paid all of your winnings in a very timely fashion.

Have a good look around our live casino website as it is packed with news and information, plus we have some exclusive live casino bonuses up for grabs so if you are looking for maximum value from your gambling budget then these bonuses are a very good way of getting just that!