Live Streaming Casino

Live streaming is simply a way of broadcasting any live event via the internet, for example the BBC in London broadcast a wide range of television programmes via their i-player, and as long as you have got an interne connection and a computer then you can watch (subject to any country restrictions) any of their many TV shows.

This live streaming technology has now been utilized by a wide range of online casinos and land based casinos as a way of enhancing their online operations to allow them to broadcast a wide range of different casino games whilst at the same time allow their players to actually take part and gamble on their live streamed casino games.

All modern computers will you allow to stream live video to your computer, and the best way to play at a live casino is to use a high speed internet connection, broadband and cable being the two most popular types of high speed internet connection in the UK and being using either of them you are going to be able to experience the ultimate in online gambling direct to your computer any time of the day or night.

You may be asking yourself why bother live streaming any casino game when their are so many online casinos using software and random number generators as a way of enabling casinos to allow players to play a range of casino games, well the obvious answer to that is trust, by doing away with computer software and so called infallible random number generators live casinos can and do show you every bit of the casino action from cards being shuffled to roulette balls coming to a stop.

Live Casinos Using Live Streaming

The number of live casinos who are using live streaming is slowly growing in numbers, but we have noticed it is only the larger landbased casino operators who have fully embraced this technology, after all they already have their own venues to broadcast from and their own in house dealers so setting up a few cameras is a simple process once they have an engine to power it all.

Several of the older and more established online casino software companies have also started to add a variety of live streaming casino games to their portfolio of games, however for the ultimate online gambling experience we suggest you stick only to those sites we have fully reviewed for you on our website as we have carefully vetted each one are are completely confidence they are of the standard you will be demanding.

All live streaming casinos will let you play for free or for real money so if you are a little sceptical on whether they are as good as the software driven online casinos then why not register as a guest player and get hitting those blackjack tables or why not give the live roulette games some action.

Even if you have an older computer they should be able to receive live streaming, why not get over to you tube and see if you can view any of the videos on there, if you can then rest assured you can play at a live casino!

As an added incentive to try your luck at a live casino offering live streaming casino games all of the live casinos we are currently showcasing have some generous new player bonuses up for grabs and this is your chance to bag yourself some free additional money when you are ready to make your initial deposit, checkout the live casino websites for more details and all the information you need to claim this free live casino cash today!