When it comes to live roulette tips or any form of gambling system there are many pros and cons about each of them, one thing you should never ever do and that is to buy a system online, many websites will boast about how they have a bulletproof winning system when the only thing they want to do is to separate you from your hard earned cash by selling you a practically useless roulette system.

So what we have done below is to list a few roulette tips which are in no way a guarantee of a winning strategy but they will help you gain the best playing strategy and alert you what to look out for and what to avoid whenever you play live roulette online at a live online casino, so give them a good read through and maybe they will give you a few helpful pointers.

1. The first thing you should do before you start to play is to look at the many different live roulette games available, you will see several different variants on offer, namely American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Our first live roulette tip is to try and stick to only playing either European Roulette or French Roulette as each of these two games offer a much lower house edge than the American game by virtue of the latter having not one but two zeros in play on the roulette wheel.

2. Our second live roulette tip is to checkout the websites of each of our approved live roulette sites, as each site is very eager to have you sign up and deposit as a new player and as such they will give you various welcome bonuses as a way of welcoming you onboard as their latest new player and the majority of these bonuses will give you a sporting chance of a winning session thanks to the extra chips they give you.

3. Number three in our listing of the top live roulette tips is do not be tempted to play any form of Martingale system when you play live roulette online, this form of betting system requires you to double your stake when playing one of the even money paying wagering options on the roulette layout whenever you have had a losing spin, whilst this system can pay over the short term it only takes on run of losing spins to wipe out your bankroll.

4. Keep your eyes peeled for live roulette tables that offer low chip value settings, by lowering the value of your chips you will get plenty more action for your money, and if you are playing on a limited budget these low to modest chip settings will prove a life saver and ensure you get plenty of spins in for your money!

5. The most savvy of live roulette players will always set themselves both a losing and winning limit before they start to play, the losing limit is often referred too as a stop loss and is usually 50% of their starting bankroll, so if they are playing with a starting bankroll of 200 and come to a point in the game where they only have 00 left they will call it a day and stop playing, conversely a win limit will result in them stopping playing should they increase their starting bankroll by 50%, so when they have 300 in chips they will stop playing and lock in a 100 chip profit.

6. Casino comps are another way to get some value out of your online live roulette playing and these are simply loyalty type schemes run by live roulette sites and for every real money wager you make you are awarded a number of comp points, it doesn’t matter if the wager wins or loses they comp points are still awarded, and when you reach a certain threshold you can cash them in for free chips or other little goodies, it is amazing how quickly these comp points can add when you are playing live roulette.